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Zero to Code’s curriculum is arranged in a single sequence of milestones, which are a collection of 2-5 mini-lessons that come together in a single “milestone project”. This is a comprehensive directory of the milestones I’ve made so far.

Overview and Orientation

Before you begin working through the milestones, this overview covers a few things you should know to move through the course, including what you’ll learn, how to use our code editor, Codeframe, and how to learn to code effectively using the resources available online, in addition to what’s here already. What we’ll learn Zero to Code is a course about making interesting, useful things on the web using technologies that are core to any website: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

About page: Intro to HTML & CSS

In this milestone, we’ll get acquainted with HTML and CSS, two of the key building blocks of every website. Using what we learn, we’ll build a very simple About page for you. This milestone is a bit longer than the usual, and covers more ground than the usual, to help you get up and running. Rather than try to finish everything here in one sitting, find stopping points, and take your time to experiment with code samples provided here to really get a sense of how these key technologies (HTML and CSS) work.

Building a form: CSS Layout and Interactivity

In this milestone, we’ll meet some new, more interesting, interactive HTML elements like buttons and inputs, and we’ll dive deeper into CSS by looking at how we can use CSS properties to move things around on our page. Part 1: Semantic HTML In milestone 1, we encountered some simple HTML tags like <p> and <h1> that corresponded to chunks of text on our page. There’s also a set of HTML tags that correspond not to specific parts of text, but to sections of a webpage, like headers, footers, articles, sidebars, and navigation menus.